A desire to provide a nutritious local option to greens and herbs, year-round in a winter country grew into VGN | Trusted Freshness

A start-up that was built upon a vision to bring healthy options year-round to the Canadian market began in 2017 when I met Jim, who needed a logo and a website. From there a building was renovated in Leduc, and we started growing lettuces, kales, and herbs and my responsibilities grew.

Sales started in the retail market, any vendors willing to do local direct sales starting carrying our products. We also ventured into the food services market and were very well received.

Whether we needed images of our products for web and marketing collateral, a video for a conference, or other events, I simply took the challenge and created what was needed while maintaining our brand.

We did branch out with a spotlight on Global Edmonton’s Trending tv show in February 2019, which was also a new thing for me however the experience really opened my eyes to other sides of digital and traditional media.


  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Implementation
  • Analytics


  • Complete branding
  • Product & Label Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Event & Sales collateral
  • Digital Media


Easy Transition

The company grew and although it did not survive the COVID-19 global pandemic, it played a role in changing the way we look at “local” food and expecting more where we can. The amount I learned of our supply chain and “fresh” food in general and what that means has allowed me to feed those I love better not to mention how to develop a brand that I can stand behind.

Amazing Results

We were a mere couple of years into this start-up and although it did not survive the lessons learned were exponential.

2019 Chamber of Commerce, Leduc/County of Leduc
Top 3 Business of the Year Award finalists